Tiles and configuration

Small update today.

Ok, so I’ve finished the terrain tile system. Atleast for now. It works good, and looks good as well. Tiles are being created and dropped as I move the camera around, saving memory and improving performance. 🙂 OK, so it’s probarbly not perfect, but I’m quite happy with it now. Also, the system keeps track of all the visible tiles in a queue, and updates each one of them each frame. This should be very useful when I add optimilization, so I can tailor each tile to it’s range from the camera. All in all, I’m happy, although it might require some additional work in the future.

I also added a configuration file to the terrain engine project. This will let me control things like tile size and visible range without having to recompile the entire project. Should save some time, especially as the project is growing. Currently only four items are in the config file, but I’m hoping to be able to put as much as possible in there.

No fancy pictures today either I’m afraid, since these are mostly back-end changes. But maby next time, if i manage to create the optimization for the terrain data.



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