Return of the terrain engine


After a long break, the terrain engine has returned. I’m very sorry for the big time gap between posts, but I’ve been very busy for some time now, with work and also some other hobby projects. But, I have also done a lot of work on the terrain engine.

The project was becoming a bit unmanageable, and I felt that this would only get worse as I added more features. So I have done a big job reorganizing the code into a new project structure, cleaned up a bit and re-factored much of the functionality. I’ve also added a couple of small features. The program actually runs smoother and looks nicer, and it should be a lot easier to add more functionality to it.The camera movement is now based on timing, rather than a fixed value each iteration of the main loop. And the project should be easier to compile on different platforms.

Now I can continue on developing the texture system. I’m thinking about using a steepness map, and blend a rock and grass texture based on that. The steepness map should be calculated using the original height map rather than the optimized one. Hopefully this will create some interesting textures.

I leave you with a screen shot, and I hope it won’t be as long until the next post. 🙂

Return of the terrain engine

Return of the terrain engine



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