Adding texture splatting

As you could see from the screen shots in the previous post, plain textures, although better than wire frame, was a bit boring and repetitive. So I added texture splatting. Now, the program will look at the steepness of the terrain and decide witch texture to use. Or rather, how much of each texture, as they are blended together. The result is impressive:

Texture splatting added

Texture splatting added

What a difference it makes. The terrain is really starting to come alive 🙂

Another angle

Another angle

As you can see, steeper terrain means more rock. These values are taken from the unoptimized height map, so even a flat area can contain interesting textures. This really makes the drawing faster while still giving a good looking terrain.

Another angle

Another angle

I still need to tweak this a bit. And I would also like to be able to use more than just two textures, and perhaps different sized ones as well. But at least now, the terrain is starting to look really good. 🙂



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