More texture splatting

As I mentioned in the last post, the number of textures, the images used as textures and even the steepness thresholds for when each texture should be used was hard coded into the program. This is clearly wrong, and therefore I have made it all configurable. The terrain engine has a configuration file, just a text file really, where I can specify several values, such as camera speed and height map file, and now also witch textures to use, and their steepness thresholds. I’ve also changed the code where the splatting takes place so I can use as many textures as I like. I added another grass texture, and tweaked it a bit, and it produced this:

Another texture

Another texture

I’m very pleased with the way it looks. 🙂

Another view, three textures used

Another view, three textures used

I’ve also been tweaking the code quite a bit, so it runs a bit faster, even on my very modest laptop. Of course, the detail level is configurable as well, so if I test it on another PC, I can beef it up a lot 🙂

Another view

Another view

Although it gets better and better, even with texture splatting, the terrain looks a little flat. I would like to try and add some lighting to try to fix that. I guess that will be in the next update.



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