Generating random terrain

I have implemented a random terrain generator, and after some tweaking it, it produces pretty good results.

Randomly generated terrain

Randomly generated terrain

I can seed the generator as I wish, and get the same result every time, or use some other value like the system time to get a new terrain every time.

Another view

Another view

Another view

Another view of the terrain

Also, the artifacts from the previous post have been eliminated.:) The light is working as I want it now.

Light model working

Light model working

The lighting is nice, but it doesn’t do shadows. At least not yet. That will be the next focus for me.



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One Response to “Generating random terrain”

  1. cathey new media Says:

    Wow! Your terrain looks great so far. The lighting adds a lot of depth and really makes it look realistic. Keep up the good work.
    hopefully you can get the shawdows in there next

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